Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WordFUL Wednesday

So I know I haven't blogged much lately....Okay, I haven't blogged at all lately - I realize my Wordless Wednesday posts just don't count, as cute as they are (though I am biased!) There really is reason for it! First of all, B has discovered that if she holds onto the couch/playpen/etc. that she can walk. She's also realized that the playpen is just resting against the couch, and if she tries hard enough, it moves and she can escape. She's very sneaky like that! Besides chasing after B all day long, I am still staying up all night sewing. I've been doing a lot of hoodies, that right now I have people testing for me. Eventually, I'll offer them to everyone else. They are going over quite well - go figure. As a result, both my blog and my Etsy shop is suffering. My Etsy has nothing new in it - just the same old stuff that's been there a month or two now, and this poor blog barely gets a picture thrown on it every now and then. I'm going to try to change that.


I think...

Anyways, this isn't a very meaningful post thus far, but it's just been cut short by my beautiful 8 month old girl awakening from her nap. Duty calls! =D

And here is a picture....for good measure!

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