Friday, November 4, 2011

$5 off a $5 order!

So I haven't posted recently, but it's because I've been busy. I've been going through stuff and donating a TON of clutter. I've also been making more things from scratch. Something I have been making a LOT of is bread. I've been looking into even getting a grain mill! Anyways, the yeast at the grocery store is very expensive, so I looked on Amazon and realized I could get 2lbs for only about $10. 

I was totally going to get it, then I came across a website called IHerb. Someone gave me a coupon code, and I got $5 off my first order for being a new customer. I got one pound of Active Dry Yeast for a grand total of $2.53 shipped! A pound will last me forever, and it was an amazing deal! They have LOADS of products, and they also give you a free sample for every product you buy. I got some organic baby shampoo as my sample! The fex-ex shipping on most orders is only $2, so any $5 product, will end up free with $2 shipping! Not bad! They have loads on sale right now, so hurry on over! Use code DIH223 for the $5 off, and don't forget your free sample!!

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